Custom home building is our specialty and the first reason Harrell Building Co. was created. We build houses for all types of customers ranging in every size. We are NOT a track home builder so the preciseness, quality, and builder/client relationship is extraordinary!

The customer and their families’ wants, needs, budget, and dreams become a reality at Harrell Building Co.


Commercial construction is our secret! We have numerous incomparable commercial projects under our belt. The past has brought on beauty salons, dental clinics, multi-story office space renovations, foot/ankle specialists, real estate offices, medical clinics, auto repair shops, funeral homes, and state of the art car dealership.

Our commercial division has expanded and we expect growth to continue in the future. The quality of our custom home division shines in the commercial industry!

Design/Build,Cost plus, Fixed Cost

Whatever contract desired or required! We have experienced all of them and even invented our own. Adaptability to the project conditions is very important in the construction industry.


A strong demand in todays economy! Renovations and/or additions are always on the drawing board in our office. We are more than happy to create opportunities for the customers homestead. Lately, we have remodeled or added on to homes our company built 20 years ago, for the same customers. Whether the family has grown or just a simple updated face-lift.


We also have blue prints available and/or provide architectural services to make certain we meet the requirements of our customers. For instance; simple plans (home plans, small house plans, garage plans, floor plans, etc.), large custom plans, commercial plans, and industrial plans.

The planning and pre-construction stages are among the most important. The 70 years combined experience comes handy during this process to ensure the most efficient, owner friendly project.

Insurance Work

We provide insurance estimates or replacement cost to those effected by unfortunate losses or their insurance agencies/adjusters. This service also offers re-construction of the project effected by the insurance claim.